Route 5

San Marino per tutti

Description Route n.5

Route in brief: Parking 5 - Via Donna Felicissima - Piazza Garibaldi - Contrada of the Board - Square Titan - Garden Liburni - Square Titan - Via Eugippo - Contrada of Pianello - Liberty Square - Contrada of the College - Piazza Garibaldi - Via Donna Felicissima - Parking 5

Total length: 900 meters
Maximum gradient ascent: 12%
Maximum slope downhill: -14%

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ROUTE no. 5 starts from car park no. 5, at the entrance of the New Walls Gate. In the parking area there is a space for disabled guests. Other parking spaces are available along Viale Antonio Onofri.
The parking lot overlooks the Brigade of the Gendarmerie of the City of San Marino and in the summer months it hosts the Red Cross unit.

Porta di Murata Nuova

Next to the sidewalk you can see the monument to "Neutrality" by the sculptor Marcel Guguianu, famous for his work "Skylark", the symbol of the Cultural Lobby of the World Bank.
To start the journey into the historical heart of the city, cross the arch of the New Walls Gate.
After 75 metres with a slope of -3% along Via Donna Felicissima is an accessible toilet on the right.
In the opposite small square is the bronze work "The child of Beslan" designed by Renzo Jarno Vandi in 2005 and being part of the Open Air Museum

Past the small square on the right is a pharmacy, but there are two steps, one of 9 cm and the other of 14 cm, to access it.
At the end of the street, another 67 metres long, you will be in Garibaldi square.
On your left is the Philatelic and Numismatic State Society where you can buy collectable San Marino coins, stamps and phone cards.
The Society is open from Monday to Friday from 8.15 am to 2.15 pm. On Mondays and Thursdays until 6.00 pm.
In the summer and during the "Christmas of Wonders" event, generally from 8 December to 6 January, the Society is also open during weekends.

Connection with Route n.2

In a small garden overlooking the square you can see the monument to Garibaldi.
The bust, sculpted by Stefano Galletti in 1882 and symbolically oriented towards Rome, is one of the first monuments erected to the hero in the world.
Under the work, on the wall, are placed the four memorial stones commemorating the shelter given to Garibaldi and his men by San Marino.
From the square continuing along Contrada del Collegio downhill (-11%) for 65 metres to Piazzetta del Titano surrounded by bars, shops and Pergami-Belluzzi House, seat of the State Museum.
The State Museum, with free admission, is accessible by a ramp.
Inside you can visit the four exhibition floors by lift.
On Floor -2, out of the lift on the left, not signaled, is an accessible toilet.

Leaving the State Museum, on the left, you can enter the Liburnians’ Garden through the arcade of the Cassa di Risparmio bank, where are small exhibitions and an ATM (keyboard height 1.15 m, screen at 1.40 m).
The completely flat route from the square to the fountain in the Garden is 104 metres long but at the end of the arcade there is a 20 cm high downhill step and unevenly bricked up pavement. In the Garden you can find an accessible toilet for a fee, but there is a slightly rounded step (see photo) from 5 to 10 cm high.
At the end of the square, 50 metres from the fountain, is the top of the Altar to the Volunteers with its Votive Chapel.
Returning to Piazza Titano and going uphill for 137 metres with a 12% slope along Via Eugippo, you can see the fascinating Crossbowmen’s Quarry.
It is not possible to access this monument due to a long stairway, but you can see it from the wall along Via Eugippo. The wall is 51 cm high, with a 46 cm iron handrail on it.
Immediately after the Crossbowmen’s Quarry is a green corner where you can see the sculptures “The Skater” by Emilio Greco, “Ballet pupil” by Venanzio Crocetti, “Wasp fighting” by Bino Bini, “Peace” by Antonio Berti, “The Lovers” by G. Maria Cavina and “Conversation” by Luciano Minguzzi. They are all part of the Open Air Museum.