Route 3

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Detail Route 3

Route in brief:
Porta San Francesco - Contrada delle Mura - Piazzale Genga - Contrada Omerelli - Piazzetta del Titano - Garden Liburni - Via Basilicius - Contrada San Francesco - Piazza Sant'Agata - Contrada San Francisco - San Francisco Gate

Overall Length: 1000 meters
Maximum gradient ascent: 17% (for 60 meters)
Maximum slope downhill: - 16%

Points of interest:
San Francesco gate
Open Air Museum
Ancient monastery Santa Chiara
University of San Marino
Emigrant Museum
State Library
State Museum
Garden Liburni
Pinacoteca of St. Francis
Titano Theatre

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Extension route

From Piazza Sant'Agata is possible to reach the Church and the Capuchin Monastery with Saint Francis’ shrine newsstand dedicated to St. Francis, passing under the arches next to the theater. The road leading to the church is outside the pedestrian area and is accessible without a sidewalk is not very busy, one-way downhill.

Arches to the Church go 110 meters down gradient of -7%.
From the church you can continue downhill for a further 55 meters, with a slope of -10%, and rejoin port country starting point of this route or take the route 4.


ROUTE No. 3 starts from Saint Francis’s Gate

Past Saint Francis’s Gate (called also Country Gate) turn left into Contrada delle Mura. After 185 metres with a slope from -3 to -7%, you will reach “Spiazzo del Bastione”, a small shady area with some stone benches and starting point of the Open Air Museum
Before you access the area, whose pavement is slightly uneven, there is a step whose height ranges from 15 to 25 cm.
In this quiet corner you can enjoy the works “Testimony 1” and “Testimony 2” by the sculptress Marina Busignani Reffi, forming part of the Open Air Museum.
Going along the same street for 200 metres, with a slope between -3 and -7%, you will get to Piazzale Genga, where it is possible to access the panoramic bastion. A portion of the latter is without steps. The wall is 140 cm high with slits at 60 cm from the floor.
Going over a 13 cm downhill step, you can reach the sidewalk with a 90 cm high wall and a panoramic viewpoint over the surrounding valleys.
Leaving Piazzale Genga on the left towards Contrada Omerelli after 40 metres with a maximum slope of 11%, on the left you can see the Cliff Gate.
Past the gate you can reach a place of meditation and prayer.
This way, although it is only 18 metres long has a slope of -16% and is unevenly paved.

After 80 metres with a slope ranging from 12 to 17% along the same street are also the State Library and the State Archive in the historical Valloni House
The building, accessible by a ramp and an elevator, during certain periods hosts exhibitions and presentations of literary works.
Leaving Valloni House and continuing uphill to the right, after a few metres on the left side of the street, there is a public fountain with drinkable water at a height of 120 cm from the ground.
At the end of the climb, 85 meters long and with a slope of up to 17%, we arrive at Piazzetta del Titano, overlooked by bars and shops, as well as by Pergami Belluzzi

Connection with Route 2 and Route 5
The Museum, with free admission, is accessible by a ramp. Inside you can visit the four exhibition floors by lift.
On level -2 there is a fully equipped toilet, out of the lift on the left, not signaled.

Going back to Contrada Omerelli, continue your route for 145 metres discovering the Old Town.
Halfway on the left it is possible to see the Church and Convent of Saint Clare nuns now being the seat of the University San Marino.
Continuing the visit you can see, in the square on your left, the symbol representing the strongest link between the Italians and the Republic of San Marino, the Altar to the Volunteers
In front of the square where this monument stands is a
Along the way you will enter the political heart of the country as along this street are lined various Secretariats of State.

Fontana Giardino dei Liburni - ph Danilo Forcellini

Leaving the State Museum, on the left, you can enter the Liburnian’s Garden through the arcade of the Cassa di Risparmio bank, where are small exhibitions and an ATM (keyboard height 1.15 m, screen at 1.40 m).
The completely flat route from the square to the fountain in the Garden is 104 metres long but at the end of the arcade there is a 20 cm high downhill step and unevenly bricked up pavement. In the Garden you can find an accessible toilet for a fee, but there is a slightly rounded step from 5 to 10 cm high.
At the end of the square, 50 metres from the fountain, is the top of the Altar to the Volunteers with its Votive Chapel.At the end of the Liburnian's Garden is also located the entrance for the National Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, wich is fully accessible to be visited with a lift at the entrance to reach the upper exposition floor.

Returning to Piazzetta del Titano on the right, go down for 95 metres (maximum gradient 15%) along Via Basilicius. Half-way on the left have a look at the Church and Convent of St. Francis, now used as a museum and an art gallery. Not accessible. For further information: 0549 885 132.

At the end of Via Basilicius turn left into Contrada San Francesco to arrive after 97 metres on Saint Agata Square, home to the Titano Theatre. The theater is accessible via an external ramp and a stairlift inside the building.
There are two reserved seats in the stalls and an accessible toilet but you will need help to open the door because it is very heavy.
For further information: 0549 882416
Opposite the porch is the Altar to the Defenders of Liberty.
From the above mentioned square it is possible to go back to the Country Gate along Contrada San Francesco.
Connection with Route n.4