Museum of Rural Culture and Traditions “Casa di Fa

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Museum of Rural Culture and Traditions “Casa di Fabrica”

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Casa di Fabrica, dating from the seventeenth century, is one of the oldest rural houses in San Marino, a rare example of features of the different cultures of the area merged together.
The house takes its name from the area where it is located, the “Fundo Fabrica”.
This area was part of the first territories of the community of San Marino, as quoted from the Placito Feretrano of 885, while we have certain evidence of the building by the 1776 Land Registry.
Witness of the rural life and habits of the past, the house is made of three main parts, in perfect harmony with the land and the surroundings.
The original rectangular building, located further upstream and near the road, was the modest home of a settler with attached a small dovecote, a useful resource in difficult times.
In later times were built the shed and the cellar, with room above for the kitchen and two bedrooms.
The third construction is represented by a porch with an oven, a sign of the improved living conditions of the inhabitants, while the well is part of the original structure.
These achievements give this home the typical connotation of the rural buildings of this area.
Small openings, wooden beams and rafters, bricks and other building material found on site as rocks, clay, gravel and gypsum, characterize Casa di Fabrica and all rural housing in the territory of San Marino.
The house was inhabited until the end of 1980 and after years of disuse and neglect, in 2004 the most important rooms of the rural tradition, such as the kitchen, the loom room and the barn, were restored.
The above characteristics, combined with the rediscovery of traditions and cultural development of the country, make the building worthy of interest from the point of view of archaeological, historical and artistic heritage.
Today Casa di Fabrica is home to both Consorzio Terra di San Marino and the Museum of Rural Culture and Traditions of the Republic of San Marino.