First Tower "Guaita"

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The First Tower "Guaita"

Not accessible. Insert on Route n.6.

The First Tower, called also Rocca Guaita, is the largest and oldest of the three fortresses which dominate the territory of San Marino from the top of Mount Titano. The front door dating back to the 15th century is decorated with a Baroque coat of arms of the Republic, carried by the old Public Palace, and was originally protected by a drawbridge, whose chain slots are still visible. The core dates from the 11th century, making it one of the most ancient forts of the area. The Tower is guarded by two sets of walls, the inner one, which is also the oldest, includes the bell tower, the quarters of the garrison, later converted into prisons, and the Tower of the Feather, the ancient tower rebuilt in the second half of the 15th century. The outer walls, adorned with battlements, were part of the first set of city walls. On the left of the entrance, is the church of Saint Barbara, built in 1960. To the cult of Saint Barbara, patron saint of artillery, was once dedicated a small altar in the southern tower. Inside, on the stone altar, there is a bronze statue of Saint Barbara with six tower-shaped candelabra made by the Florentine sculptor Bino Bini in 1979. Inside the Guaita stands the bell tower, built in the mid-16th century. In past times the bell tolling urged the citizens to defend the country. Today, the sound of the "Campanone" (Big Bell) reminds people the civil and religious celebrations of the Republic. The First Tower is depicted on the San Marino five-cent euro coins.